We Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Power Capacitors ( HV Power Capacitors / High Voltage Power Capacitors) from Islampur, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

High Voltage Power Capacitors Are Manufactured With Hazy Film, Aluminum Foil And NPCB, Non-Toxic Oil. The Extended Foil Construction With Edge Soldering & End Folding Of Electrode Foil Is Added Feature. Units Up To 200 Kvar Are Offered Giving Benefit Of Kvar To Volume Ratio And Thereby Reducing Installation Cost And Space. High Voltage Power Capacitors are Used For Compensating Transmission Line Losses As Well As For Power Factor Improvement.

Each Capacitor Unit Consists Of Number Of Elements In Series / Parallel Combination With Internal Fuses. Each Element Is Wound With High Quality Hazy Bopp Film As Dielectric And High Purity Aluminum Foil As Electrode. Extended Foil Construction Is Adopted To Enhance The Life Of Capacitor. Normally The Electrode Material I. E. Aluminum Foil Has Sharp Points At Slit Edge Which Causes High Stress At The Sharp Points Causing Damage To The Capacitor. To Overcome This Phenomenon The Edge Of Aluminum Foil Is Folded Such That No Sharp Points Left Over. This Folding Forms A Ring Named As ‘Corona Ring’. After This, Capacitor Is Impregnated With NON-PCB, NON-TOXIC Bio gradable, Eco Friendly Oil Under Vacuum Which Enhances Life Of Capacitor. Such Capacitors Under Go Rigorous Testing Before Painting And Dispatch To Concern Customers.

During The Process Of Repairs Of These Capacitors The Capacitors Are Opened First. Then The Entire Elements Are Checked Visually And Those Elements, Fuse Of Which Blown, Are Removed From The Stack. These Faulty Elements Are Replaced With Good Elements And The Capacitor Is Put For Initial Testing. During This Testing If Any Other Element Is Faulty It Also Blows Off. Then The Same Is Also Replaced With Good One. After This The Capacitor Is Put For Final Testing And After Passing The Testing The Capacitor Is Sealed, Painted And Dispatched To Concern Customers.

We Are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of Capacitors