We Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Motor Run Capacitors (MFD Capacitors / AC Voltage Capacitors) from Islampur, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

Single phase induction motors are not self rotating due to the lack of synchronously rotating magnetic field. At this juncture the Motor Run capacitor comes in picture. The main purpose of these capacitors is to generate an effective rotary field in single phase motors with two or three stator windings to allow them to be operated on a single phase supply.

The capacitors in this case remain in circuit during the whole running period of the motor. They are therefore ideally suited for single phase motors for use in pumps fans air conditioners washing machines refrigeration systems etc. By employing the auxiliary winding for power output a better utilization of the single phase motor is obtained, which is approximately 90 % of the output of the similar rating three phase motor.

"YASHA" motor-run capacitors are robustly built as compared to general purpose capacitors available in market as well as they are designed for HEAVY DUTY usage. They are built for motors where Voltage across terminals goes beyond 275 Volts to 380 Volts. Of course at their rated voltage of 230 V and 440 V surge, they gives an even longer life span.

Technical Specification
Capacitance Range 2.00 mfd To 100.00 mfd.
Rated Voltage 230 to 3000 Volts.
Temp. Range -25 to +85 deg Celsius.
Duty Cycle Continuous
Tollerance +/- 5.00 %
Frequency 50 Hz

Heavy Applications Such As : Compressors, Refrigeration Equipments, Air-conditioners, For motors used in Pumps, Industrial Machinery, Domestic Appliances and Agricultural Machinery etc.

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