We Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Motor Start Capacitors (LV Capacitors / Low Voltage Capacitors / PFI Capacitors / PFC Capacitors) from Islampur, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

The capacitor start motor is the most widely used among various types of single phase motors. Connecting a capacitor in series with the starting winding achieves the starting torque with a lower starting current leading to a torque that is higher than other types of single phase motors like the shaded pole type. Thus, for machines which have a heavy starting duty, these capacitors are ideal. A capacitor – start motor comes with a centrifugal switch which automatically disconnects the auxiliary winding when motor attains a pre – determined speed. Hence, it works only with the help of the main winding.

A capacitor connected to a motor develops a higher voltage across it than that applied to the motor. Hence, designing the Motor start capacitor is more important.

"YASHA" motor-start capacitors are robustly built as compared to general purpose capacitors available in market as well as they are designed for HEAVY DUTY usage. They are built for motors where Voltage across terminals goes beyond 275 Volts and surge voltage can go up to 350 Volts. Of course at their rated voltage of 230 V and 275 V surge, they gives an even longer life span.

Technical Specification
Capacitance Range 40 mfd To 500 mfd.
Rated Voltage 230 Volts RMS.
Surge Voltage 75 To 350 RMS.
Operating Temp. -30 To +70 deg Celsius
Duty Cycle 20 starts / hour max of 3 sec. duration
Shelf Life One Year Capacitors could be recharged by applying rated voltage for 2-3 seconds repeated for 3 - 4 time

Heavy Applications Such As : Compressors, Refrigeration Equipments, Air-conditioners, For motors used in Pumps, Industrial Machinery, Domestic Appliances and Agricultural Machinery etc.

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