• Uses Imported hazy BOPP film along with Capacitor Tissue Paper as main Dielectric.
  • Uses Non-PCB, Non Toxic PXE Oil as Impregnant.
  • Uses High Purity (> 99%) Aluminium Foil as Electrode for High Current inrush.
  • Basic elements are vacuum impregnated with NPCB PXE oil.
  • Extended foil Technology.
  • Internal Fuse to Each element is possible for better safety.
  • Capacitors can withstand the dynamic fluctuation of load.
  • Withstands Higher Over voltage up to 20 % of Rated Voltage.
  • Withstands Higher Over loads i.e. 75 - 100 % of Rated Current.
  • Guaranteed Output for a longer period i.e. 10 -15 yrs.

Technical Specification
Reference IS IS 13585/ 1994
Output Range 1 Kvar to 25 Kvar
Working Voltage 230 to 1000 Volts AC.
No. of Phases Single / Three.
Temp. Category 55 Deg. C Max.
Capacitance Tolerance 0 % to + 10 %
Permitted Over Voltage 1.20 Times of rated voltage
Permitted Over Current 1.50 Times of rated current.
Frequency 50 Hz.
Losses < 0.50 w / kvar
Cooling Natural air + PXE Oil
Installation Indoor, Floor Mounting
In-rush Current 300 times of rated current.

These Capacitors are suitable for Three Phase Power Factor Correction where there is Dynamic fluctuation of load and system Voltage variation is around 20 %. Paper Industries, Steel Industries, Re-rolling Mills, Sugar Industries, Cement Plants, Welding Machines, Spinning Mills, Textile Mills, Arc Furnaces, Induction Furnaces, D.C. Drives & Harmonic Filters etc.

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