MPP Capacitors (Oil Filled / Dry / Jelly Type)
  • Uses Imported Base Zinc Alloy Metallised Polypropylene film with heavy edge as main dielectric.
  • "Self healing" property ensures long life of the Capacitor.
  • Low energy consumption i.e. Watt Loss
  • Fire Retardant Resin Encapsulation for better safety.
  • Suitable for Banking.
  • Weather proof Powder coating.
  • Oil filled model made with high purity non-toxic oil, which keeps Capacitor cool and thereby ensures long life.

Technical Specification
Reference IS IS 13340 / 2012
Output Range 1 Kvar to 25 Kvar single units & above 25 Kvar in Banking.
Working Voltage 415 to 1000 Volts AC.
No. of Phases Single / Three.
Temp. Category 55 Deg. C Max.
Capacitance Tolerance 0 % to + 10 %
Permitted Over Voltage 1.1 Times of rated voltage
Permitted Over Current 1.1 Times of rated current.
Frequency 50 Hz.
Losses < 0.50 w / kvar
Cooling Natural air + Oil Cooling.
Installation Indoor, Floor Mounting
In-rush Current 100 times of rated current.

These Capacitors are suitable for Three Phase Power Factor Correction of steady loads with 5-10 % load variation: Hospitals, Hotels, Software Industries, Commercial Complexes, Plastic Industries and Small Workshops etc.

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