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MPP CAPACITORS ( Standard Duty Capacitors )



Oil Filled / Dry / JellyType

Uses Imported Base Zinc Alloy Metallised Polypropylene film with heavy edge as main dielectric.
“Self healing” property ensures long life of the Capacitor.
Low energy consumption i.e. Watt Loss
Fire Retardant Resin Encapsulation for better safety.
Suitable for Banking.
Weather proof Powder coating.
Oil filled model made with high purity non-toxic oil, which keeps Capacitor cool and thereby ensures long life.

Reference IS IS 13340 / 2012.
Output Range 1 Kvar to 25 Kvar single units & above 25 Kvar in Banking.
Working Voltage 415 to 1000 Volts AC.
No. of Phases Single / Three.
Temp. Category 55 Deg. C Max.
Capacitance Tolerance 0 %  to   + 10 %
Permitted Over Voltage 1.1 Times of rated voltage
Permitted Over Current 1.1 Times of rated current.
Frequency  50 Hz.
Losses < 0.50 w / kvar
Cooling Natural air + Oil Cooling.
Installation  Indoor, Floor Mounting
In-rush Current 100 times of rated current.
Standard Duty Dry MPP CapacitorsQuote
Standard Duty Oil Filled MPP CapacitorsQuote


These Capacitors are suitable for Three Phase Power Factor Correction of steady loads with 5-10 % load variation:
Hospitals, Hotels, Software Industries, Commercial Complexes, Plastic Industries and Small Workshops etc.

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